How can I take photos for

How can I take photos for allows you to generate 3D models in a simple and fast way where any type of user with or without previous experience can generate 3D models by taking photos or videos with their Smartphone, drone or DSLR camera.

The process is very simple and will take only 3 simple steps:

  1. Take photos around the object.
  2. Upload photos to the platform
  3. Wait for 3D generation

1. Take photos around the object

Taking the photos for is very simple, but you have to take into account some tips to ensure the generation of our 3D model.

We will place the object in a space where we can rotate around it without any other object bothering us in the process and we will take the photos taking the object as a reference center.

We’ll take a picture for every step we take or every 30 degrees. Each part of the object that we want to be generated, will have to be output in at least 3 photographs.

It will be very important that the object is centered to the camera, focused and static. Try not to vary the distance between you and the object, to the same as not using the flash.

There are objects that are more difficult than others because they reflect light, have little texture or are very thin. For these, there are small tricks like taking more photos than necessary or putting stickers on the object for the system to detect

2. Upload  photos to the web platform

Once the photos have been obtained, we will go to and select the “Upload photos” option. We choose our photographs taken and we will name our 3D model.

It’s time to choose the features of our 3D model. We will select the model type: Standard; Face, in case you are a person or Drone, if you have taken the photographs with a drone. The platform automatically selects the option: “Self-trimming”, leave it or remove it depending on our objective.

We will review the summary and give the continuation of the process.

3. Wait for 3D generation stands out for being the fastest platform on the market so you’ll have your 3D model between 5 and 15 minutes.

You will be able to see the generation process in your private gallery, where you can access your 3D model once finished.

After finishing the 3D model, access it to see its result. If it’s the one you expected, you can continue working with it with the tools you offers. In case, if you have an unexpected or failed result, contact us and we will give you personalized attention.




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