8 startups are selected to participate in the Investor In Love

8 startups are selected to participate in the Investor In Love

June 26, investors, startups, clients and institutions have an appointment in Zaragoza during the Investor event in Love. All will meet in the Hub station of the Aragonese city to learn about the most innovative solutions with technology-based Open Future-driven.

Open Future is an initiative promoted by Telephone and public and private institutions, where to put the focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. This initiative has managed to create different spaces for networking in different cities around the world such as Colombia, UK, Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Spain. In the Iberian peninsula has come to almost all the autonomous communities to give the same opportunity to each of these. These spaces work from 2013 on the institutional and social support they need technological projects in each country and region, launching calls for proposals annually and collecting more than 8 different startups each year.

The Investor In Love event, under the theme “A Unicorn of possibilities”, idea born by the name given to the companies that receive a valuation of more than $ 1 billion, is performed in the headquarters of T-ZIR, site that has been chosen carefully, since it is the center of innovation applied to the entire value of the retail sector. It is a center that was created with the aim of anticipating and creating the new consumer solutions in an entrepreneurial ecosystem, and with the support of each one of its partners: reporting group, Intel, Microsoft, Telefónica, HMY Group and Cisco.

T-ZIR puts the focus in the digitalization of traditional trade and the democratisation of technological innovation. Its base is located in Spain, but its projection is already international. This year 8 startups are chosen by the hubs of Open Future of all Spain to present their solutions in order to achieve investment.

Startup concept can still sound recent for some, it’s a term used to define those companies that are in early age or new creation and have great potential for growth. Unlike an SME, a startup is characterized for being a scalable business and grow in a way much more quickly and efficiently.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are put on the market then bet a certain amount of money and in general, must wait a while to start enjoying the benefits, while startups make the opposite, leaving the market with needs of capital and making use of digital technologies to achieve the growth and find financing.

Here is where comes into play Investor in Love will be the meeting point between startups and their investors. This event networking, in which professionals and startups seek to form new teams for their current and future projects, participating companies should be a two-minute presentation explaining your project. After this, interested professionals will launch his crush to pass the quick appointment and meet with the startup chosen for 5 minutes, where to begin the questions more specific and negotiations that will help the company to achieve its goal: get financing

One of these startups that attend the event is eCapture3D, a company that sells an online platform for the generation cloud of 3D content, from photographs taken with any device, for all types of users. This gets it working with eyescloud3d.com

The objective of eCapture3D is the democratization of the access to the generation of 3D content in a fast, simple manner and, above all, economic. The creation of the model 3D only requires 3 steps: taking photos or videos around the object, upload it to eyescloud3d.com and wait for the model to generate it. Currently, eyescloud3d.com is positioned as the platform faster generation of 3D content on the market.

Among their fields of application, it has achieved a significant presence especially in safety and engineering through the recreation of criminological scenes, critical infrastructures, road maintenance or ocular inspection. But it can also apply to the sectors of education, medicine, heritage and gastronomy. Despite being now focusing on a B2B market, the platform is accessible from any time using the free registration

NOTA: para más información dirigirse a:

Dpto. Comunicación y Marketing eCapture 3D: Javier Tamudo Pérez

Responsable de Marketing y Comunicación


C/ Luis Álvarez Lencero 3, Planta 5ª. Oficina 16 – 06011 Badajoz. España

 +34 924 103 227

www.ecapture3d.com // www.eyescloud3d.com


  1. tgudurudql 1 year ago

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    • admin 1 year ago

      Muy buenas,

      Debe ir a eyescloud3d.com y registrarse con sus datos. Una vez registrado podrán comenzar a generar modelos 3D.

      Muchas gracias!

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